Macaroons Squares

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First food shoot for this month!  And it had to be on April 1 — oh well,  to celebrate april fool’s day, here is a recipe for you.

In making macaroon squares, you would need, 3/8 cup flour (there is an organic flour available, if you wish to use that, that’s a healthier option), 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1/2 cup sugar (on this one, Jenny used the organic muscuvado sugar), 3 eggs (medium size), 3 cups desecrated coconut, butter, and if you wish it to be creamier, add 1/2 cup evaporated milk.

Thank you Jenny for letting me be your photographer and for sharing your recipe!


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Rumah Kari

Roamed around Marfori and saw in the corner a terrace…quite hidden actually, so LJ and I thought it was close.  We liked the idea of hanging out in a balcony so we decided to trespass only to find out that it was not deserted…and that’s how we found Rumah Kari, a small sweet resto that has no more than 5 tables (cool ones though) that offers Indian and Malay cuisine. We just had lunch so we decided to hit the desert menu instead.  But we are definitely going back for their main course!


We had Homemade Ginger ice cream, homemade Chilli ice cream, and Mamul (a jewish sweet delicacy). › Continue reading

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Breakfast at SSPo Exit B

_MG_2145So…one of my flatmates in Hong Kong majors in Food Design and his friend is a Chef.  Aren’t I lucky to have two food angels in the  house? I never got hungry again.  Amen.

S o   t h i s   i s   h o w   f o o d   m a g i c   h a p p e n s :

_MG_2136 › Continue reading

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Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant, San Pablo City

Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant, as its name suggests, gives its visitors a glimpse of the past.  The restaurant is a resurrected Spanish colonial ancestral house originally located in Quezon. › Continue reading

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Soms Noodle House

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If you want to eat Thai food Soms would be a good answer to your craving.  Soms Noodle House is this place in Makati near Rockwell that offers SukhoThai cuisines.  I love this place…although personally, I liked their food better when I tasted it the first time.  Now that they have expanded, something seems amiss.  But it’s just maybe the ambiance that’s changed.  The fluorescent lights glowering on the long tables and white walls seem unromantic compared to the outdoor umbrella-tables I’m used to.  Soms, upon its expansion, ended its hole-in-the-wall days became a legitimate restaurant. › Continue reading

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Abe, Serendra

IMG_1508Dedicated to the late artist/writer, E. Aguilar “Abe” Cruz, Abe restaurant serves traditional Filipino food (mostly Capampangan – Capampangan food have the least influence from our conquestadores) and gourmet dishes.  Abe Cruz is known to enjoy luxurious and excellent food and drinks that the restaurant’s menu is inspired by Abe’s refined taste and travels around the world.  Filipino food is more than the usual salty dishes we are served in mediocre restaurants…   › Continue reading

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Slice, Bonifacio High Street

IMG_1497Named as one of the best red velvet cupcakes in — of course, i’m gonna order it, just to see what the fuss is all about.  And so yes –it is worth every penny -which is not much actually (Php60).
What makes a perfect red velvet cupcake, you ask? Most baker would say it has to be moist with a little hint of cocoa for it not to take like the usual vanilla cupcake — but not to make it  chocolate flavored.  And the red…needs to be red– not a pale shade of pink. › Continue reading

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Barcino Wine Resto Bar, Bonifacio High Street, Ortigas

IMG_1540Barcino boasts to have the greatest collection of Spanish wine in Manila.  I have heard of this place and have always thought it as “Barcina”.  Don’t know why, but the “A” stuck more than the “O”.  Remember that small deli bar named Barcino Gourmet in Ortigas? It’s this wine bar’s not so humble beginning. In 2008, they expanded in Bonifacio High Street and in 2009 they launched the Club de Vino that gathered distinguished wine lovers turned loyal members who vouched for the wine resto bar’s excellent wine selections. › Continue reading

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Hollywood Burgers, Davao City


Visited Hollywood Burger at The Peak, Gaisano Mall at my brother’s suggestion.  My brother has this love affairs with burgers.  It was him who introduced me to the different burgers in town. › Continue reading

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